February 17, 2014

Amelias First Flight



I am an extremely proud father. I love my kids, and I love photographing my kids. Unfortunately, after their first few shoots, they all seem to resist me photographing them! (Don’t worry I still get photos of them!). Anyways, I wanted to share this newborn shoot  I did with my most recent daughter Amelia. Its not the easiest to get parents to allow you to post photos of their newborns, so no better way than to post my own kids (plus I get to brag about how beautiful they are!!!!). Hope you like this pretty girl, who I shot in Lima, Peru (where my wife and kids reside for now), so I did not have the ability to use/build specific props for this shoot, hence the cardboard airplane!

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I always write this note whenever I post about newborns because it is extremely important. Safety is number one with any shoot, and especially with newborns. I cannot force you to book a newborn shoot with me, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to pick a newborn photographer who is qualified to do the job. There have been too many horror stories passed around via the internet of newborn photographers with unsound safety practices, and ultimately injured newborns. Do not book with someone who has never done a newborn shoot, and absolutely do not book with someone who does not stress anything about safety upfront. As you can see some of the poses posted below are special, but I will tell you as any professional would, they are composite images. Newborns are not able to support their own weight, or fold their arms and keep their head up. With the proper technical and creative work, these images are possible to create. Without that, these images would be far too dangerous to capture. Remember, J.Benson Photography is registered with the best newborn photographers of america.

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