September 25, 2014

Mike and Melissa Sottile at The Waterview


Mike and Melissa reached out to me to do their engagement shoot and wedding last year. We caught the very last autumn leaves left on the trees on an early morning. It was a fun shoot then, and it was awesome meeting these two, and becoming a part of their lives for forever. This wedding went straight to my heart. Watching Mike choke up during his vows, and Melissa’s joy and laughter throughout the ceremony. Sometimes you just know when you are a part of something special. And this was one of those special ones…

I want to say thank you Mike for his service. I remember during his best man’s speech, everyone hooted and hollered for Mike feeling blessed to have him safely home and a part of their lives. It was such a touching moment.  Thank you Mike for all you gave, and all you have done for our country!





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