February 17, 2014

Nick and Holly – Engagement in the Woods


“Look for the red SUV covered in mud” I said, and Holly responded simply “Okay.” See, we had agreed to meet at a Scantic River State Park. Now I had never been there, but I like to think that with any area, you can make great photos, just have to figure out how. Anyways, I had said to meet on such and such road, well I did not do my research because that road used to run through the park, so Nick and Holly were on one side of the park and I was on the other. So we figured that out and I drove to the nearest main road and told them to look for that muddy truck. I enjoy off roading, and I don’t always get around to washing my truck afterwards! It was definitely surprising that her reaction was simply okay, but I quickly found out Nick was an off road enthusiast as well. It was love at first sight with these two, I knew we could definitely be friends. So we explored a little section of the park, and boy it was cold. Poor Holly was taking her jacket on and off for every photo, and I was cold in a coat! But they both were troopers and we got some great photos because of it. After Scantic, we went to a park that was my 2nd choice to shoot some photos at, but I couldn’t find any info on it, so I decided to go to Scantic. So when Nick and Holly wanted some photos with their beautiful pups and they recommended that park, I got excited! And boy was it beautiful! We definitely could have done the whole shoot there. At the end of the day, I met two really awesome people, that I could definitely see hanging out with on the weekends! And not only that, BUT I get to shoot their wedding this fall! And that has me seriously excited! I can only hope that they hire a driver and drive in Nicks jeep instead of a limo!!!

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