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My goal as photographer is to provide exceptional service, stunning photography, and optimal coverage at an obtainable cost for everyone. As with any legitimate business, I am fully insured, and have multiple pieces of back up equipment to insure I am prepared for each and every circumstance. I offer many packages and have packages that suit everyones needs. Each package is adjustable to include or exclude any item to suit your needs and budget.

Weddings starting at $2,750.00

Engagements starting at $300.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you insured and do you have back up equipment?

A: Absolutely. This is a fantastic question. I am fully insured (many venues require us to provide a certificate of insurance so it is very important). I also always carry back up equipment in case of failure. And last but not least, we are always worried with digital back ups. So we shoot on 2 memory cards in camera to always have an instant back up of images. And upon returning home, we back up your images on multiple drives including one off site drive, so your images will always be safe with us!

Q: What do your packages include and what is your pricing?

A: All of our packages include myself as the primary photographer. There are many packages that include second shooters as well. All of our packages include printing rights as well. We also offer add-ons such as engagement sessions and albums. As far as our pricing, we have packages that start at $2750.00 though we ALWAYS recommend reaching out to us with specifics on your date and your budget as we can always build custom packages to best fit your day, location, and budget.

Q: Do you offer discounts? What is the deposit? Can you hold a date for us?

There are off season discounts and weekday discounts available (Thursday weddings have become very popular!) If budget is a concern, please do reach out with budget concerns and we will see what options we can make available to you! As far as the deposit, it is 50% of any given package with the remaining balance due prior to your wedding day. Unfortunately, since there is only 1 of me, there is no way to “hold” a date without the Non-refundable and non-transferable 50% payment AND a completed contract. I do recommend to reach out to us as early as possible as we do not limit how far in advance you can book (we have booked some dates as far out as 28 months, and others as close as 4 months).

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I love to create a timeless modern look. I always shoot in a traditional composition (meaning we will never give you angled images or cut off body parts) while incorporating modern and edgy images using off camera flash. We tend not to follow trends too closely as we do not know the life expectancy of any trend. For us the goal is to create images that are amazing now, would have been amazing 50 years ago, and will still be amazing in 100 years. Our posing is based off of traditional posing but we add the candid flair by allowing you to interact with each other (and honestly making a fool of myself to help make you laugh and feel comfortable!). We love to incorporate photo journalistic shots into our photography BUT we since we do rely heavily on lighting, we do place the action in the light we want to feature to highlight the moment. When it comes to editing, we again follow the same rules, nothing will be overly edited, or edited in any sort of trendy way. The edits we apply are very basic adjustments to help enhance the images but not to become the focus of the image. With that being said, on average we deliver about 25-50% of your images in black and white in addition to color. You will never receive one or the other, it would always be both. We are big fans of black and white, but not all images benefit from being converted, so we try to keep it to the best of the best when converting! We also like to keep our photoshopping to a minimum. We love our clients, and want them to love themselves as they are, not as who they would be if they were a barbie doll! So basic skin softening is included, but we are not plastic surgeons!

Q: Do you have references?

I LOVE all of my clients! And many of you are likely here as referrals are among the most common bookings I have. Obviously, if I were to offer you the ability to speak with past clients, the results would be somewhat skewed. You would be speaking to the ones who loved me the most. In addition to that, when booking me, you are making a large investment in preserving your wedding day, and I would just not feel right if I then had to have everyone responding to prospective clients for me! My work absolutely should speak for itself, the reviews on our pages and even more so, upon sitting down with me, I know you will fully realize my eager, happy, and excited attitude towards each and every couple. The smile does not leave my face very often and that attitude helps create a fun and exciting environment on your wedding day as well! There are some reviews (though I will be honest, I need to focus on getting more up) on various sites such as our facebook, weddingwire, the knot, that will hopefully tell you everything you would need to know!

Q: Do we get Raw images, Copyrights, Outtakes?

This a question we sometimes get. As far as the copyright, we deliver all of your images in high resolution WITHOUT watermark for you to print, but we do not give the copyright to the images. We also do not release raw/unedited images. My favorite metaphor for this would be like asking a chef to give you the ingredients they did not use after you finished your meal. We do not have an image cap, so if an image is useable, you will get it and only the blinks and misfires and out of focus images end up in the trash bin! And with the outtakes, thats included, while we try not to deliver any photos that are embarrassing to the subjects (think drunken guests dancing photos) we do include anything deemed appropriate throughout the day, even if that includes someone yawning behind a perfect moment. If we see an image that is particularly amazing, we will use photoshop to correct things so its not an outtake but rather a feature!

Please do reach out with any other questions you may have, while there are plenty more questions we get asked often, these seem to be the most common!