Welcome to our venue page! Here we try to compile images in venue order, so it is a little easier to see what we do at your wedding site. We do not upload every wedding and every venue as it would take far too long, but here are some of our favorite venues and venues we shoot at more often than others! Never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

The Riverview

The Society Room



Lake of Isles

Jose and Ianina – A Wedding in Peru
Jose and Ianina are such a fun couple. Ianina is my mother in-laws boss, so anything other than perfect was not an option (well it never is, but this time even moreso!). Now I have hundreds of edited photos, seriously, narrowing it down to these was the hardest of any wedding so far. I have so many favorites! I might even post more, definitely going to make a separate post with their civil union and engagement shoot! We got 30 minutes in a park in Barranco, Peru to do their formals. The reception was about 1 hour away from the church, so squeezing a shoot in on the way meant limited time and limited options. Barranco is a beautiful area, but ...
Sarah – Model Session in Pachaug State Forest
    I met Sarah on her engagement shoot (that can be found here ). I absolutely loved the engagement shoot, and when Sarah reached out to me to photograph her for a modeling portfolio, I was eager to do it! From the moment the camera clicked on Jon and Sarah, I thought they should be models, looks like I was right! We shot a few photos in the studio, and then decided to head to Pachaug State Forest for sunset. All I can say is every one of the photos we created should be in a J.Crew catalog! Seriously, what a fantastic model, and what a tremendously fun ...
Amelias First Flight
  I am an extremely proud father. I love my kids, and I love photographing my kids. Unfortunately, after their first few shoots, they all seem to resist me photographing them! (Don't worry I still get photos of them!). Anyways, I wanted to share this newborn shoot  I did with my most recent daughter Amelia. Its not the easiest to get parents to allow you to post photos of their newborns, so no better way than to post my own kids (plus I get to brag about how beautiful they are!!!!). Hope you like this pretty girl, who I shot in Lima, Peru (where my wife and kids reside for now), so I did not have the ability to use/build specific props ...
Jeff and Karla – Trains and Waterfalls
  Jeff and Karla were so much fun to shoot, not only cause they are a great couple, but we also shot in my favorite places. I love trains, and being able to do an engagement shoot with trains was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have been happier, but then we went to another one of my favorite things, waterfalls! They not only looked great, but were shot at some of my favorite locations to shoot. It was an awesome shoot, I hope you like the results as much as I do!  
Jon and Sarah – Beach Engagement Shoot
I know I have said that I don't like to shoot at beaches, but seriously, this summer changed my mind about that. Jon and Sarah are so awesome. I really thought I was shooting models. They did most of the work for me. Just a few adjustments and some ideas on poses and their faces did the rest. Loved shooting these two. I couldn't decide which images to share because I loved them all so much. After much deliberation, I found a few of my favorites, and had to resist posting a few other favorites! Hope you love these! To inquire about your engagement shoot, wedding, or any other shoot write
Kyle and Cara Engagement Beach Shoot
Kyle and Cara have been long time friends of mine (well Kyle since we were practically born), so when they approached me to do an engagement shoot in Rhode Island on the beach, I could not have been more excited. I love these guys, they are perfect for each other. Beach is usually not the route I take, I am more of a woods guy, especially when it comes to photography. I could not have been more pleased with their shoot though. Seriously, I started having the desire to shoot on the beach after them. Of course I am located closer to the woods, so thats where I still shoot most, and prefer to shoot, but the beach is no longer dreaded after these ...
John and Mallary – Woodwinds, Branford, CT
John and Mallary are such an awesome couple. I was so happy to be able to shoot their wedding. They were so much fun and so lovely and easy going. Their wedding was one of the hottest days of the summer and it was definitely a struggle to do the portraits and family shoots with the sun blaring down around 96 degrees. Poor John was sweating through his suit for a few photos. I think it was worth it at the end of the day though. I decided as the first wedding post on the new site, I wanted to share some of my favorites of these two. I could have shared another 50 photos easily, they photographed so well together, but I did not want to overlo ...
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